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Pollock & Sons Top Security Alarms has been serving the needs of Residents and businesses, both large and small, for over four decades. Daniel Pollock began building and repairing alarm systems for friends and family, out of his garage in the suburbs of Far Rockaway in 1967.


As an engineer and computer expert he received so many requests for alarm installations and repair that he decided to open Top Security full time with the vision of protecting and supporting Nassau County residents. Soon, word of his outstanding service spread and he could hardly keep up with demand. He knew that to be truly helpful, he would need to be able to answer the call for help and take on extra workers. Top Security grew & grew always keeping a warm and family close relationship with all its customer base. Always staying professional & committed to delivering unparalleled service. 

In 1988 Daniels oldest son, Mordecai Pollock, joined with his father bringing in a new level of technological know-how to the business, with his up-to-date knowledge of the insides and out to computer software and mechanics Top Security reached new heights in Data and Communications systems.


And yet again in 2001 his youngest son, Steven, decided to come in full time, As he was trained with wire and battery in hand since birth, it was a natural step. Growing up with a love and understand of all things electrical is what makes Top Security so good at what they do.

Top Security by this point was now factory trained by the manufacturing leaders in the field such as, DSC,NAPCO,ADEMCO, PANASONIC, LUVENT, TOSHIBA, HONEYWELL, EVERFOCUS, DMC just to name a few. We grow purely by the glowing recommendations of the multitude of satisfied clients over the  years. 

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